A bit about Greg. Greg has worked in aquatics and fitness for 16 years for a large fitness organization and enjoyed every minute of it, they helped fuel his passion when he first got started and gave him some very useful skills to help him advance in his career. However, as time moved forward, Greg realized that he had a very specific skill set that was very different from his peers. He had the ability to listen, connect and understand in a profound way, what it was that brought them to him. Which there, in-lies his urge and hunger to engage, impact and truly make a difference in the lives of others.


It has been an absolute pleasure getting behind a brand that's soul purpose is to impact the lives of others and promote positivity and a healthy lifestyle. Whether it be their free exercise groups, one on one sessions or virtual fitness programs for those recovering or in a rehabilitation stage from a disability.


Building their website and writing content that truly embodied the passion that The Casual Athlete carries onto others is one of the highlights of our career. 


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